Your Values Can Motivate You

By | December 7, 2014

When we are feeling demotivated and ready to quit, our values can motivate us in a very powerful way. Your Values Can Motivate YouConsider how you value providing for yourself or your family. Poor performance at work could put this in jeopardy. So you are motivated to get to the office (or wherever) on time and work hard. So your value or being a provider can motivate you!

Your value of being a person of integrity motivates you to be honest and upright in your dealings with customers or staff.

You may value your health and long life, so you keep fit and stick to a healthy diet. If you find yourself with very poor health due to your own negligence, you may not value your health enough to motivate you though.

We all value different things and these affect our goals and decisions. Ultimately this is our motivation to do or not to do.

Consider some of the following values and how they could motivate you to achieve goals or work on aspects of your life:

  • A good reputation
  • Your family’s security and happiness
  • Financial security
  • Being fulfilled at work
  • Making a positive difference in your community
  • Helping people
  • Being happy
  • Living a long life
  • A fulfilling relationship with your spouse
  • A fulfilling relationship with God
  • A good character
  • Releasing all your potential
  • Leaving a legacy


There are many other values that you may want to add. Because we all value different things, what motivates me may not work for you, as you would have very opposite values.

One of the reasons I want to look after my health, is so that I will be healthy and strong to enjoy my grandchildren one day, which might be a long way from now but you get my point!

Speaking for myself, I highly value being a provider for my family which means I need to establish financial security for us. So this value of mine motivates me to achieve financial success, which I do with my Be Motivated Today team.

What values could motivate you to do things which you have been demotivated to do?


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