Why should you trust yourself?

By | April 27, 2013

So what if you have made mistakes in the past?Be Motivated Today We all have! If you have made many mistakes you might even feel that you don’t trust yourself anymore. How then, do you move on and why should you trust yourself anymore? This is a normal feeling but in order to stay motivated and be successful, you need to adapt a mental attitude where you trust yourself again, to make the next decision – whether it will end in success or whether it’s just ‘another’ mistake.

Even the most successful people out there have made mistakes, big mistakes! Mistakes that potentially cost them millions! The point is that they would never have been able to become successful thereafter, if they never learned to trust themselves again. This is exactly what you should be doing, after all those mistakes you have made.

Let’s face it though, this is not the easiest thing to do but the first step in the process, is to realize that this is what you need to do – you need to be able to trust yourself ! And why should you do this? Well, you want to motivate yourself and be successful, right? There is no point in wallowing in your own self pity – unfortunately that wont get you anywhere.

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘You can only trust yourself’? Well, this certainly rings true! Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t trust other people, because trust in others forms a good bond in your relationship. However, ultimately, you should trust yourself more than you trust others because if you cant even trust yourself, how can you trust anyone, where you have no control? Start with yourself and that will lead to others.

Here is a quote from Angelee Dunn that should get you thinking:

“Trust yourself. Each time you find yourself worrying about some future event, remind yourself that you are capable of handling the problem when it arises. Develop a sense of trust in yourself to handle anything that comes your way. The best way to develop this trust is to charge your “confidence battery.” Reflect on all of your successes … the times you succeeded in something on the fly. Spend less time worrying about what could happen with thoughts of what did happen, and how well you handled it. Recognize that it’s simply not worth your time and your hard-earned energy to obsess over the little things in life, nor about issues, events, and people over which you have no control.”

So now that you can agree to trust yourself, how do you go about achieving this? What can you do to yourself trust yourself again?

Start with a clean slate

So you’ve made mistakes… who cares? In actual fact, you’re probably the only one that cares. When you make a mistake, other will often laugh and point, but then they move on – it’s not funny or entertaining anymore. So why shouldn’t you? You should start with a clean slate and move on. Yes, acknowledge the mistake you’ve made and learn from them, but then move on! Starting with a clean slate will allow to concentrate on moving forward and becoming more self confident. This should then also help you to become more self motivated, as you develop more trust in yourself.

Build upon your successes

When you experience your first success, use it as a building block. Your first successful achievement leads to another one and then another, and so on. This will help you to trust yourself, because after a while, you’ll look back at your castle of trust that started with only one building block of success.

Believe you can!

Self motivation and trust in oneself starts with one thing: belief. If you don’t believe that you can, you will find it extremely difficult to achieve anything. Just like with trusting yourself, you need to have a belief in yourself. If you don’t, your self-trust is meaningless. Many people actually have some ‘issues’ in this regard – they don’t believe in themselves to do anything. If you feel that you could use some motivation to believe in yourself, I strongly recommend reading “You’ve got the Power”. You can download it for free on my website, on the Free Motivational Ebooks page.

Trust yourself because you have the potential to achieve great things – you just need to release your potential!


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