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By | April 14, 2013

Daily Self Motivation

I want to motivate you to release your potential – the potential that you have to achieve great things, to become successful in everything you do. The journey to releasing your potential is not so much about learning but more about growing, becoming and then doing. You have what it takes – you just need to  start believing it! Your attitude and belief in yourself also plays a vital role in becoming self motivated.

What is potential?

Your potential is your hidden talents, the power within, dormant ability or untapped strength. It is all  that you can be, but have not yet become. It is what you can accomplish, but have not yet accomplished. It is not what you have done or achieved but what you can still do and achieve.  The word ‘potent’ means power. Like medication, different tablets have different potencies. They have different power to be effective – they have potential, just like you!

Why do you have this potential?

“There lies within each person a huge reservoir of untapped potential for achievement, success, happiness, health and greater prosperity. It’s like an ocean not sailed, a new continent unexplored, a world of possibilities waiting to be released and channeled toward some great good.” – Jim Rohn
You were born to touch this world. Within you lies the power to do awesome things!
During Helen Keller’s lifetime, she received awards of great distinction, too many for me to actually list here! She stands out as one who overcame her challenges and released her potential. Now, there is YOU! Consider all the things that you have achieved so far – how walk, read, speak, love, argue, use a computer, drive a car and various other complicated tasks. You’ve already learnt so much – why should there be a limit for you to achieve even more? The answer is simple – there is none. Potential is unlimited – it’s a limitless fountain of creativity. Use it, because you have it!
Dr Myles Munroe says. “God has given you a skill or ability that the world needs.” You are on this planet for a very specific reason – to influence people and do things in a way that only you can.
Who limits your potential?
People limit our potential by saying all sorts of negative things to us – what we can and cannot do. Often we believe them! How have others limited your potential by labeling you or assuring you that ‘you could never do that’? The people we associate ourselves with and spend time with also limit our potential as they don’t often encourage us – the negatives also come out to play!
You also limit your potential!  You thoughts and words have a major part to play in this. That’s also why positive affirmations are a vital part in becoming self motivated. Your negative thoughts lead to negative actions, like words. This has the same effect as other people not encouraging us – except, we are doing it to ourselves!
Your past can limit you and stop you from achieving your goals. If you have failed at something in the past, do you let it ‘run like water off a duck’s back’ or do you delve on that failure? Don’t judge your future by your past – learn from it! You have already achieved so much so let that be proof to yourself that you don’t have to stop there – you can still achieve so much more!
Release your potential!
Potential is released under pressure – the pressure of frustration and aspiration for more, leads to you wanting to achieve and to be successful. This usually results in actions that lead to you using what you have inside – your potential! If you’d like a free 31 page e-workbook to help you unleash your potential, download it on my ebooks page – it’s called You’ve Got the Power.
Now is the time to be all you were born to be!

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