Overcoming the Barrier of Discomfort

By | April 14, 2016

Some people tend to think that success comes with convenience – it certainly doesn’t. Barriers of DiscomfortSo what happens when you work towards your goals? Pretty much the same – you will experience some discomfort. You either need to put in extra effort after hours (like me) or you face obstacles and setbacks along the way, which most people do, like not having enough hours in a day! Whatever discomfort you face at some point, it can be a barrier in your path like a wall of fire. But I’d like to leave you with a thought on overcoming this barrier of discomfort.

Have you ever heard the saying “No pain; no gain”? It couldn’t be more true than when it comes to achieving your goals and working towards your dreams. You will experience discomfort and that is unfortunately part of the process. Sure, you could be born into a wealthy family and take over the success but that is definitely not the standard. So the first thing we need to come to terms with is that ‘gain’ comes with ‘pain’. Maybe not all the time but once we have this foundation, how cool would it be when we get to skip some pain! Bonus.

To overcome this barrier of discomfort, all you need to do is to make the decision that your goal is worth the discomfort. When you know why you want to achieve something then you can make the decision that it is of greater value than your comfort. If it’s not, well then you might need to rethink your goals!

If your goals actually come from discomfort in the first place, then it would be much easier to bear the discomforts along the way, because you know that not achieving your goal would take you back to that original discomfort. For example, you can’t stand working for your boss anymore because you’ve had 30 years of misery, making someone rich and being treated poorly. Then, you set a goal to start your own successful business. You would find it easier because that misery of your job would motivate you to overcome the discomfort.

When I wanted to start mountain biking, I had to get up at 6 am on Sunday mornings to get ready for the day ahead. I must be honest and say that I would have preferred to sleep another hour or two! But I had a goal to start mountain biking and decided that my goal was more important than sleeping in on Sundays. I could easily get up early because my goal was worth the discomfort.

Motivate yourself to achieve your goals despite the discomfort.

Be all you can be.


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