How to Manage Your Anger

By | April 21, 2016

Everyone gets angry from time to time. This can be because of frustration at the office, our children’s behavior or even a political situation that we do not agree with. Obviously anger is not wrong but how we treat people when we are angry may be very unkind and disrespectful. How not to manage your anger!It’s when we are angry that we need to be even more aware of ourselves. So here’s a simply way on how to manage your anger.

When you are aware of how you respond or react, then you can know yourself better. This in turn helps you to control yourself better when you get angry. Next time you get angry, take a look at yourself to see how you deal with people differently and how long it takes you to calm down.

Do you say things you might regret later? Do you show disrespect or are you nasty? Do you use bad language? Think about what helps you to calm down – what helps you to relax? A short walk or just being alone and thinking through what happened?

Usually we regret a lot of things we do when we are angry. If you know how you will react when you get angry, you can be prepared and ready to be even more careful not to do or say the things you will regret later. Also knowing what to do or think, to help you calm down faster, will help you get back into control sooner. For instance, if you know being by yourself helps you calm down, then try to get by yourself as soon as you can when you are upset.

Nobody is perfect with controlling emotions and anger is one of those very powerful emotions. This is simply an easy method to learn how to manage your anger a little bit better. Perhaps not perfectly but it should help you to manage yourself better when you get angry, by knowing how you react and to calm yourself down.

Knowing what to do in situations where you get angry, can motivate you to calm down and manage your anger. Looking at the image in this post, that is probably not the way to do it 😛

To your anger management success!


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