How to develop success beliefs

By | July 13, 2013

We all want to be successful but not all of us believe that we can be. Do you have Success Beliefs? I’d like to share one important fact on how to develop success beliefs. It is most important fact that will help you to reach your goals and be successful – your thinking!

What are success beliefs? It is merely the belief in being successful – without a doubt, you believe that you will become successful, no matter what. The first step to develop a success belief is to realize just how powerful your mind is and to know the specific consequences of your beliefs. This is how real change starts.

Henry Ford said this: “If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.

The above quote cannot be more accurate. You simply cannot become successful if you believe that you won’t be!  You need to believe that, no matter what challenges you face, you will be successful. It also doesn’t matter when, because continuing with success beliefs means that you will eventually become successful. If you stop thinking so, success may just simply wash away from your grasp.

So you might be saying that this is obvious but that you are not motivated to get rid of wrong beliefs. One of the most important things to realize though is that you need to completely understand what effects your thinking has on your motivation to become successful. If you start believing it and truly, deeply believing it, as if it’s embedded deep in your being, the motivation will come automatically!

Once you are fully convinced of the power that your mind has to change your circumstances, only then will you become motivated to get rid of the wrong beliefs, and strive to develop success beliefs! This is a long sentence, but it is the most important statement with regard to success beliefs. Read it through once more if you need to.

It is a fact that our beliefs shape our reality. Negative beliefs attract negative situations. Positive beliefs attract positive situations.
Get excited about this fact and be intentional about changing your beliefs. Here are some affirmations that may help you along. Repeat these to yourself as often as you need to:

– My thoughts affect my future
– My thinking is positive and success driven
– I attract good things with my positive thoughts

I have a free ebook available called You’ve Got the Power. This is an awesome way to help you start believing in yourself. Also read my blog post called “Release your Potential” – it may help you to realize that you actually can, if you only believe it!

If you haven’t seen The Secret yet, I strongly suggest you watch it! You should be able to rent it from your local DVD store but you can also buy your own copy at Amazon. The movie is about how your thinking changes your circumstances – think positive and that’s what you get!

To your success beliefs!


Be Motivated Today can help you develop success beliefs

4 thoughts on “How to develop success beliefs

  1. Paul

    Great stuff Ryan. I saw “the secret” online a few years ago and It has helped my own thoughts. Many people still struggle because society generally has a negative impact on what we see, read and feel.

    Good news is hard to find, people lose their jobs, divorce rate is high, substance abuse and a plethora of negative stuff world wide. It is difficult to say positive but NOT impossible. The secret and your free ebook will help those who are having a hard time having successful beliefs.

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks Paul! That is definitely the one thing that really bothers me – society is full of negative influences. When last have you seen an episode of the evening news where it was only good news? It’s fully filled with negative ‘news’ – who really wants to find out about all the bad things? It’s these bad things that gets to one’s spirit. They need to flushed out!

      Keeping a positive mindset is very useful to deal with life and all the negative social influences! The Secret is a great tool to use because it teaches one to (or at least makes one aware of) keep on the positive path and focus on what one wants, not on what society puts ‘on the table’ 🙂

  2. Al

    I like your post very much, and put me in a different path.
    I saw the secret long time ago and forgot all about it.
    I will say that I will have more faith in myself.



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