Be Motivated Today on WhatsApp

By | September 21, 2015

Recently, I was browsing my member’s area at Be Motivated Today and I found that they Be Motivated Today on WhatsAppare on WhatsApp! So I thought, if not, why not?

The best things is that every weekday, I get a motivational message about being positive, how to persevere and so on. Sure, I could log onto FaceBook and get an inspirational message somewhere amongst all the negative news and ‘dirty laundry’ posts. For me though, getting a message directly from the founder is great – it’s very uplifting!

There are actually also many members that share their own thoughts. It definitely gives one a sense of being part of a motivational community. In fact, I’ve actually also shared something there recently!

This support group just adds another great aspect to their support structure – you never feel alone in your journey to success. The path to being self motivated is made that much more easy!

When you sign up as a member, simply go to the “Your Business” tab and select the Whats App Support icon. You will be given a number to send your member ID to. You are then automatically added to the Be Motivated Support group on WhatsApp.

How cool is that?

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