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I was born and raised in Southern Africa and although I’ve lived in and travelled to various European countries, my roots are deeply rooted where the animals graze! I currently live in South Africa, where technology meets the bush.

My name is Ryan – Hello!


I really enjoy riding motorbikes and I was riding a Suzuki Bandit street bike for the last few years, until I recently sold my bike! You can click on the YouTube link below to check out some of my videos. I’ll hopefully be getting another one soon!

I also like photography, internet marketing and writing motivational articles! You can read some of my articles on Street Articles – find the link below.

Obviously, I also like to motivate myself everyday! Motivation for me is key to pretty much everything that I do, whether it be working towards a goal at work, or even washing the dishes! Yes, that’s right – washing the dishes may require some motivation 😉

I believe that every single person out there needs to be motivated at some time or other and if I can motivate myself, so can you!

With the right attitude and motivational support, you can achieve what you never thought possible… just believe in yourself!


To your success!



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